I apologize for not being so active on the blog. I’m really sorry! This whole time where I haven’t been so active in terms blog, I’ve been packing and gone though stuff like you have on idea! It’s horrible! But thankfully we are soon getting done with the livingroom and the kitchen area so than we only have two small storages to go through ~ not even my stuff but when we are on a roll we can do them as well. Let’s see how much shit we can get ride of from there. I know my beloved family will go crazy but hey… my own storage that came with this apartment is full PLUS my neighbor’s storage that he lend us. And no stuff there is mine. That’s insane! So technically I have 3 storages but nothing that I own in them. Sweet huh? Not really. But ah well, atleast some stuff is going away now which is fantastic! I haven’t put a price of all off the things but it’s already going away. I’ve sold shit loads of lanterns, movies, furnitures etc so that’s good 😊 

I promise as soon as all off this is done and we can take a moment to relax and breathe from all this, I will update the blog more.  I just hope that, that day will come soon. All this, is breaking our backs etc. Not good. 

Sorry I don’t have a photo for this post. I haven’t taken any photos lately except how to show you guys the “storage room”. MUWAH!


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