2017 · 2017 | Photos


So we were in the town for the second time. Yesterday and today. Bleh! We went to the drugstore for mom but ofcourse they didnt have her medicines. As usual!!! While being in town, my bloodsugar was low so we had to eat something and I was craving this baguette with salad, red onions, chicken and the most tastiest and yummiest curry dressing in the world! So we went to that place. It’s not good for me but I don’t regret it. Haha! After that we just walked around.

To be honest for me, it is not winter now. It is spring! I don’t care what people say. The sun is shining warmer, the ground is not covered in snow but a little bit ice, the birds is singing and for me it is spring. Finally!

After we came home from the town, we started again. The place is a chaos and no matter what we do..it never gets better. Ugh! But hopefully it will soon! I’m actually tied of living like this but luckily I have my Dinosaur who helps me ♡


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