2017 · 2017 | Miss Santorini

I’m sorry!

Hey guys! So I haven’t been an active blogger today which I apologize for! I have been packing, been over to mom, laundry and so much more while dinosaur were in school! Later the day we started to move the stuff we’re gonna sell to my sister to her storage so now we have a little bit more space. Not much though but it’s OK! I also had to help her with her laundry 😓😧 

The time is now 10.30pm and I’m standing in the shower to get ready to go to sleep. The alarm is going off at 6.15am 😧 we are going to GÄVLE to celebrate our first valentine’s day. The bus is going 8.20am and train 9.33am 😧 bleh! My ass already hurts.  Haha! So I won’t be up for long! Still I’ve some laundry that’s drying but it’s fine. It’s all cleaned out there.

Before I go to sleep I need to empty my phone because it’s full! Again! How!? I have barely any photos or so! Pssh! Åh well. Blog more later maybe. We’ll  see!


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