The dilemma | Dinner & Chill

When you have a person from India who’s tired of Indian food and you have a person from Sweden who’s tired of swedish food, what can you eat? You go Mexican with a twist! Today we are gonna have chicken tacos instead of regular tacos ~ I don’t like that meat thingy you use to the food. So today’s dinner will be healthy. Even though the time is pretty late but I’m done with the packing and stuff for today! Now I’m just gonna chill in front of the TV and also have a spa night. 

Lately me and habibi has started to watch a lot of youtube clips about abandoned places and twenty-four hours challenges. My personal favorites is Moe Sargi, ALDOSWORLD TV, The Omar Gosh TV, Exploring with Josh and Kazzyofficial. Sure we watch funny clips as well but those are my favorites! So the tonight’s entertainment is presenting by youtube and challenges! 

Right now I’m in the shower to get ready to go to the store with the oils in my hair. Lol yes! It’s true. Hey I live in a small village so it doesn’t matter. 

Oh we celebrate 1 month today as married ♡ 


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