Rest? What is that?

S H O U T O U T; Check out my Habibtis blog ; Elin she needs a little boost right now. Muwah! 

Is that something you can eat? Okey so it’s Sunday today and I actually planned not to continue with all the stuff today but I did. More boxes and ikea bags full off stuff that is marked on what to sell with price tags etc. Wow. And yet iam not done. I have like four banana boxes full with stuff that I will go through and mark. I’m so stupid.. why didn’t I mark all the stuff while packing it down -.- see… me and stress.. not good combo. 

But it’s getting done! Hamdulillah! I think the stuff will haunt my dreams for the next couple of weeks or months. But to be honest, it feels good to have all this stuff done. More space for us. My anxiety is on normal level. Only when it comes to bags.. haha! 

Okey so I know that lately I’ve posted short posts but atleast I’m updating? I will take photos later and show you all all the boxes and stuff that’s leaving our apartment soon! Woop! I know that tomorrow I have to call the janitors and ask if we could borrow this thingy to take stuff over to my sister’s storage to store it there until we can turn it to the second hang store. Lol! It’s a good thing tho, we get less stuff, make some money but on the same time the second hand store takes 30% off everything which is good because those 30% will go to the school and the kids including my nieces and nephew ♡ so I help them on the same time. Hihi! 

#MoreMoneyForTheWedding #LessShitToTakeCareOff #MoreSpaceForUs 
Yes I use hashtags in the post 😂 I’m tired and weird. So bare with me! 



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