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Panic | Weird thoughts | Clowns?

 The clock is now 1.42am when I start write this. I’m still awake ~ why? Because my nose is stuffed! Every time I get the biggest panic attacks when that happens. I know I’m weird but not being able to breathe through my nose… that’s panicking for me! Right now iam actually jealous of the dinosaur who can sleep even though he is a little bit sick as well. How!? HOW CAN HE SLEEP WITH A STUFFED NOSE?! It’s beyond my mind. Not even the universe has the answer on that question. Lol! I’m crazy I know.

While being in bed, after taking some medicines, I start having these crazy thoughts again. Lol it is not because of the medicine. Anyway as you all know, from times to times  (everyday.. lol!) I get this weird questions and thinking in my head. It can be about anything and I really mean anything! Some of the questions right now that’s going on in my head is a few weird ones… 1. If they can get people to the moon and back home again, why haven’t people found a cure for cancer, diabetes etc? 2. If you make ketchup out of green tomatoes instead of red.. will the ketchup be green and how would it taste? 3. How did the dinosaurs sleep? Lol there is more actually but those are just lame and most personal stuff you know.  My family etc. So there you guys have it! Three off all my weird questions I have right now in my head. Trust me Ghosts! I have had some really crazy thoughts about clowns etc. I don’t know why clowns is popping up in my head though. I hate them.. despite them.. off with their heads *Queen of heart’s voice / the queen from Alice in Wonderland* 


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