Hey guys! So iam up. I have been up since 6.45am trying to get the dinosaur up from bed to go to school. Yes he is going in school but only to learn swedish. I managed through contacts to get him into school ~ private school. 

He was so against of going today! Oh my God. I started to wake him up at 6.50am because the school starts at 8am and the dinosaur got up at 7.36am. But to keep myself from not being in the way, I sat in the kitchen! Yes I sat in the kitchen while he got himself ready. 7.59am he walks out through the door. Hm well atleast he is on his way there. So now I will take a small nap on an hour, go to the store and later continue with the packing and decisions. Lol. I can do this! 

The down side of this day is that it’s -20°C outside. Ugh so cold but hey.. soon spring thank God! If I remember right from Elins blog, it is now only 39 days left til spring! Wooho!

The headline, no there is no sunrise 😢 me so sad! Hopefully I will see one soon 😘


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