10 hour ish!

Iiiip! In like ten hours my husband will be home! Ohmygod! I think I’ll cry a bit. Well no I won’t but probably when I see him! I will be so happy! One freaking week apart! Heartbreaking! I hated it all! Being apart from him. Bleh! YES IAM IN LOVE AND YES …. iam crazy Haha!

Other than that the clock is soon about to be 3am here in Sweden and I’m now officially calling it night.  The alarm is ringing at 9.30am so I can get ready to take the bus into the city, meet my husband and take photos for the ladies. I haven’t really felt good to do it but iam in such a stress! I have like two hundred signs to take photo of! So now I’m leaving all this cleaning, laundry and God knows everything til tomorrow. My back is killing me and the head… wooh we won’t even talk about that one. More cleaning need to do thought but really, not now and I have to take help from Manne because my hand .. lord. I don’t know what happened when Alicia was here last time and I helped her up on the counter. She fell back and I caught her with my hand so my thumb lied  (bruh, I’m tired I don’t know what word or spelling it should be there.) Against my wrist. It’s hard to explain but let me just say, it was some horrible days / week/ish. And now it has start hurting again after having a small short vacation from pain there. BUT IAM HAPPY! Positive and happy. Well actually iam hungry like a bull but I’m off to bed.



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