Last night

..last night for me to sleep over at my Alien. Why? Because I have to go home and clean the apartment and stuff before my man comes home. It has been some crazy but weird days but also it has felt so good to have been away for few days from home. No family, no running in the doors or so. So good!

I have to admit that alien’s apartment is so depressing. Ohmygod.  And the location where she lives as well! But hey, so is my location. Trust me, it’s more “alive” here than home. Lol! 

My to do list before M comes home  {lol did u really think that I will do stuff!? HA! ok fine, I did that as well.} Is pretty short but on the same time it’s a bit long. I will not write here what it is because he is reading my blog. HI L♡VE! So I’m off to bed now. Headache ~ check! Getting up early ~ bleh! .

Goodnight ♡ 


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