2017 · 2017 | Quotes & Thoughts

Quote | 15 days

Guys, can you imagine!? It is already 15 days ago I married Manne! 15 freaking days! 

15 days of secrets, 15 days of happiness, 15 days of smiles ~ 15 days as being someone’s wife. 

I still can’t believe that iam someone’s wife! I can’t believe that iam Manne’s wife! Wow! I’m a wife. I have a husband. I’ve had a husband for 15 days. What!? Wow! The time flies! It doesn’t feel like we have been married for this “long”. It feels like we did it yesterday. I mean, come on.. Miss Ghost is married to Mr Ghost. I’m no longer Miss Ghost. Iam Mrs Ghost. 

Hahaha ohmygod. It’s a hurricane in my head. I can’t focus nor think of one thing. So I apologize for a weird post. 😂 


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