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Sad | Alone | Town

I’m sad! Yes iam. Manne had to go back to Gothenburg for a week for meetings etc ~ everything is not done yet. All the meetings and stuff hasn’t transferred yet up to here. Even tho it is just for a week, I miss him so much. It’s so weird.! I know he will come home soon. I just hope everything goes good down there. 

I followed him to the train, said bye and to be honest ~ i was near to cry. haha! I really was!! After the train left, I went to the town for a bit to buy markers and pappers, medicines and other stuff as well and ofc i missed the bus. I have been outside stores once when they still had the security gates down and that was crazy to see how people were running in. Today it was so calm ~ so good. 

~ I went into the town with my husband and went home without him. It is so weird in the apartment. So quiet. So.. different and weird. Thank God he will be home February 2nd! At 12 I took the bus home. After i reached home, I decided to do something to eat. Indian food. Yes! I know my husband is laughing when he reads this! But I did Indian food and damn.. I’m still full! Haha! 

It is a weird post I know but I’m showing that iam still alive ~ just woken up after a nap but I’m alive! Now I’m gonna sit down and do all  these love signs I have gotten in requests from ladies all over the world.  I will show you guys later! Wish me luck! It’s over 200  signs to do! Take a photo ~ edit them and send them to the girls.


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