Time for a mini vacation!

Yes guys. Well I wouldn’t call it a freaking vacation but it is a vacation from my home, from the place God forgot! I’m actually gonna have alone time from 25th January to 2 February. My man is having meetings in Gothenburg, Elin is going to her father and family because he turns 60. Congratulations! And I??? Gonna “babysit” Cosmos von CouzCouz those days. It’s gonna be pretty fun but I know it will be boring as well but hey, free from family for few days! Woop! 

One thing that will be hard for me though is to be alone… Like.. no M… haha! I’m childish but I have had him around me since November 24/7.. and now. No 😦 I don’t like it. Haha! OMG EMMA GROW UP! 😂 You’re an adult ffs! Married adult.. uhh sounds fancy! NO! NO!Emma stop and behave! 😂😂 am I really talking to myself on my blog? #ItsOfficial-IHaveLostIt 😂


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