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New family member

Okey, so this little man has been a family member pretty much since he was born but he belonged to my brother’s family. Last night I actually adopted him. Yes I adopted him because my brother and animals… not a good combo. He say pretty horrible stuff about the three cats they have but about this little man ~ Wow! I almost burst into tears when I hear the shit he is saying.  His name is Poff, his big {a little fattie 😊😶} little man. 

Some things my brother say about this little man is that he is stupid and he wouldn’t care if a car ran over him. “Shit happens. It makes me so mad when he says that. They leave him outside on nights when it is over -20°C and it’s killing me so last night I officially adopted him without them knowing it. Manne isn’t a big fan of it but hey, he is a family member and no one should be outside when it is that freaking cold. Last night when I decided to take him in, the clock was near 12am and the whole family was sleeping. I mean, hello. Sure he is an outdoor cat but he has always been sleeping inside every night and now this? This was final for me. So today I’m actually gonna go buy food for him. Atleast at our place he feel like home. He instantly started making the sounds ~ I don’t know what it calls ~ and he was so comfortable around us. So welcome home sweetie ♡ 


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