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Hurricanes in my mind

Ghosts, I apologize for not updating for a few days. It is literally many Hurricanes in my head right now and I’m going crazy! So many thoughts is going back and forth.. It’s driving me insane. 

Right now I’m standing in the shower and write this. Yes iam blogging in my shower. I love doing that. Hot water, the sounds of the water and just write. Sometimes the writing aren’t going good ~ you still have to excuse my bad English but I’m trying ~ and sometimes it’s good. Right now, my head is so messed up so it’s bad.  Lol!

Baking is what’s on the agenda of today. Mama wants to bake and I’m really craving my cookies. I didn’t get them for Christmas so I’m pretty bummed about it but today mama promised that we would make them! Mouhaha! 😍😍 Emmas cookies!

I will blog more later when I have something to blog about. Lol right now.. I’m focusing on the hot water ~ my body is in massive pain and I always think that hot water will help a little but no. Lol it helps while I’m in the shower a bit but not after.  Lol! 


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