2017 · 2017 | Photos

Where I feel most like home

To me, the sea is the only place where I feel like home. I don’t know why, I just do. I wish in the future that I will be able to live by the sea, in a house with a view out of the open waters. 

One day, I will own a house by the sea. I hope that I can go to the sea sometime soon. To take a short moment to breathe and recharge my batteries. To collect energy to be able to be myself again. I need the sea, I need to hear the waves. To me, it’s calming. To stand on the beach or stand on the rocks, just looking out on the open waters, hearing the waves slamming against the rocks. 
This makes me feel so sad. No one of us has a driving license and I feel the need to really go to the sea! 


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