2017 · 2017 | Wedding

12 January 2017 1:PM

Now I can finally tell you guys! Me and Manne is now officially married! That was the secret! 1:PM our wedding began and 1:20PM it was done ♡ Please don’t say anything bad or so. I’m happy! I still can’t believe it though… I’m a wife.. me.. a wife? Oh my God! I’ve a husband! 

I’m actually the third one in my family off five siblings that gets married and the fun part is (the letter that is bold is the ones who is married) . . . P C A M E  which means, my brother is married. Not C. A is married. Not M and iam married! How crazy is that?? I got married at the age 26.. that is so crazy stuff. I’m the youngest one in my family and none of them knows about this! 

We got married behind everyone’s back but ELIN was with us and she read the most beautiful text ever. She actually sent it by text message last night and both me and Manne thought it was beautiful but when she read it out loud.. Shit man! I couldn’t hold my tears! Manne got teared up and the woman that got us married was crying as well. 

I will blog more later about this day. I’m not feeling so good but just wanted to write a post and show that iam alive. Sorry about the pixels in my face but I didn’t like the way I looked! Bleh! And yes I got married in all black. Lol! Elin took photos as well so we’ll see if I will upload some tomorrow. 


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