2017 · 2017 | Miss Santorini

Bed | Makeup | Reminder to myself

It’s soon 12am and I wanna play around with my makeup! I know it’s crazy but hey its me we are talking about. I wanna try different colors and try something new. The book ~ Makeup Book ♡ ~that I got from my fiancé, I’m too scared of using it. Why? It’s beautiful! I’m scared of dropping it or so. I have though used it once on new years but ugh! BUT now I feel kinda ready to use it. Lol. Oh it’s itching in my fingers to do makeup! I wanna try the foundations I bought yesterday! Ugh!! No! NO EMMA! Behave! Haha! 

Right now iam in bed ~ wanting to do makeup but is getting ready to sleep because laundry is on the to do list tomorrow. Planning and laundry. Yup my daily to do list now… it feels like that. So I guess I’m off to bed.

Reminder to myself: Thursday ~ Buy new charger cables!!!!


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