2am | cleaning | planning

Hey guys! Okey so I’m supposed to be sleeping but no. I have too much energy and my stomach is killing me 👌 just like my lovely head! It’s past 2am here in Sweden and instead of sleeping, iam cleaning the kitchen. Manne is sleeping ~ his not feeling so good and have been sleeping since 8pm so that means six hours. My little dinosaur 

While cleaning iam planning my vanity and so far I know that I won’t go all luxurious until we moved so I will have something simple but I will have the Hollywood mirror with the lights ~ my dream! Hopefully I will be able to do that in our old bedroom so I can have a place to keep my handbags, hair products and stuff, makeup and you name is ~ girl stuffs and my skulls of course! Can’t forget them! I really can’t wait to have it all done because I’m tired of having my makeup all over the apartment, no place to do makeup that would look good except the kitchen ~ yes I’m doing my makeup in the kitchen. UGH I WANT MY VANITY SO BAD!! 

Anyway, I’m going back to cleaning but I will be up all night so I will blog more! Muwah!


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