Spa Night | Hair Cut | Blood 

It is SUNDAY and you guys knows what that mean! YES SPA NIGHT! Well actually I have had that kind off the whole day. I haven’t felt so good today so I started early to take care of myself today but have no fear, Emma is here and she is now feeling a lot better and tomorrow will be an hectic day! Ugh! 

SPA DAY which means eyebrows {coconut oil}, hair mask {my mix that’s amazing!} Eyelashes, cut my hair and more. I really needed this today and iam actually happy that I started doing this again after not doing it for a long time. I haven’t really taken care of myself lately for the past.. well… I don’t know. Forever? Manne has also done some spa today but only cut his hair and face cream. Pssh. It’s all good. I will force him to join me 

HAIR CUT I cut my hair by myself which is hard but I don’t cut so much off my hair. My hair is my all when it comes to myself. Like.. it is my everything. I always regret cutting my hair if someone else do it but when I do it it’s alright. 

BLOOD I decided to change the piercing because the ring I have in my nose is turning black and it started to itch really bad so I tried to change it. I had to use earrings pins in my piercing while fixing the skull nose pin but that one is too small for me which makes me really sad because I really want to wear it. But I can’t so tomorrow when I go to the town I will look for a nose pin. I can’t have those you twist in so I have to have a straight one or buy a new ring because it is kind of nasty to see that the ring is half silver and half black… So I really hope I find something tomorrow in the town. Ofcourse I start to bleed because I still have the infection in the piercing. I had to put the ring back again in my nose because I couldn’t wear earrings that Manne cut off to fit in my nose which was so super sweet off him.  Thanks love ♡ 

I’m going to sleep now. I’m hungry though but it’s too late to eat. I will blog more tomorrow. Three days left ♡


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