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You have to go on and be crazy.  Craziness is like heaven” – Jimi Hendrix

Sometimes you have to do crazy stuff to feel alive. Hi ghosts! The clock right now is soon 4am. I’m hungry as a bull and my head is killing me. Good combination right? 

Today is not a good day for me.. today I probably will post a sad post but I’m allowed to do that because today it is 300 days ago my dad closed his eyes to take a long sleep. I can’t believe that it is already 300 days ago. Wow! 

Enough off that now in this post ; I’m sorry for not blogging yesterday {5th} . I won’t say why but I’ll be back now. Well tomorrow… or.. maybe later I should say. Haha! 

I’m gonna go to sleep now.. or maybe I should go eat something.. hm… *thinking hard* Food it is! Goodnight everyone or maybe I should write goodmorning everyone! 

Yes I take photos like that off myself. I’m childish, weird, crazy, silly and goofy.. But iam me. 100% real 🙂 so I hope you might get used to see some goofy pictures of me and my man in the future ♡ 


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