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The other day me and Manne went over to my brother’s place to celebrate Cecilia’s {the wife} birthday which was on January 2nd. As usual it is always ice cream, bananas and some ice cream sauce which some usual cookies. While having this celebration, Decibelle was so funny! She was making faces, laughing and everything. She made me laugh so much and I just had to snap some photos of her. My Princess ♡ 

She is so cute! I can’t believe that she is turning two this year! Ohmygod! Stop grow Habibti! Stay smal! 

Also cats seems to be a fan of Manne. Lol! Where ever we go and someone has a cat or cats… boom! They always come up to Manne. So cute! This is Wilda that’s on Mannes lap. She is a special little lady. Haha! I just had to take this picture ♡


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