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Winter Wonderland | Neighbors | Helping

Living in a neighborhood where it is only old people living can sometimes be frustrating! One of our neighbor called at me when we were going from the laundry room and complained about the janitors shovel the snow bad and wanted me to help out but I couldn’t because I only have an long skirt to dress on ~ no leggings or what so ever because it’s laundry day ~ but my man helped out. It ended up us shovel ~ well him ~ snow for us and an other neighbor about and I did it for the old hag next door. Yes I dislike her but she is old and have help to walk so I still do that. I don’t want her to fall and hurt herself. 

Now iam under a blanket in bed trying to heat my body up but it’s hard! Ugh! Wish I could take a shower but I can’t 😑 not as long as I’m doing the laundry.


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