Weird & Crazy stuff about me | No energy

Okey, so I was supposed to sleep but my hip is killing me thanks to the cold so I decided to write a crazy and weird info list about me. #IHaveNoEnergy | Oh and I still have makeup on. I literally have no energy to remove it but I have too. Bleh! Okey, here we go with the list 🙃😄

First word I learned on arabic was the word whore/bitch (I don’t know the spelling but I can say it) ×× When its cold outside, my body shuts down. ×× When I was younger I wanted to become a stripper . . Don’t ask ×× I Always keep my door locked ~ especially after I heard about the clowns in my village ×× I believe in Mermaids. It makes me feel safe ×× I love getting oily after fixing trucks etc ×× I wear nailpolish on my nails for maximum 24H ×× I want big spiders, snakes, scorpions and lizards as pets ×× I’m planning to get 25 more tattoos ×× When it rains and it’s thunder & lightning, I always run out barefoot and walk around and being a child ×× I learned to walk by holding our dog in its tail ×× My life is in my phone ×× I’m scared of clowns ×× I’m a girly girl with a twist which means I love dark and Gothic stuff but also cute and girly stuff. Like I dress all black, dark makeup etc but I love cute decorations etc ×× The apartment is full off elephants, fairies, Alice Cooper and skull stuff. ×× I wish that I could have a T-Rex as a pet.. I would name it Little Bob.. yes I’m crazy! 

That’s a little bit. I will from times to times write some crazy stuff which means… I have to use my brain so hard to figure out some stuff about myself. Haha! I’m off to bed now. Goodnight 😘


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