Up with the sunrise

But there is no sunrise. Bleh! It is still super dark outside. The time is 7.37am and I have been up for almost an hour. I have a little me time before I will wake up my little snoring dinosaur ♡ Yes I call Manne that ~ dinosaur 😄 I’m just relaxing, doing my makeup, playing some games I’ve on my phone and just try to get ready / prepare myself for a day with my nephew ~ THE WILD ONE ~ in the town. Apparently Manne and Gabriel is gonna do some pranks and record. I have no idea. Boys… pssh. Haha! But hey, they have to tag along with me into stores etc 😘 So it’s all good. They can do pranks on people and I will spend money ~ I need a few stuff. Haha! IKEA HERE I COME ♡ in like…. Eight hours. Lol.

I’ll blog more later. I’m gonna do makeup now! Muwah 😘😘😘


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