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Skull | Nose pin | excited

I was looking for a nose pin and I stumble across this baby! I had actually hard time to decide if I wanted a simple one, a ring with a “diamond” on or skull! I decided to go with a skull BUT I couldn’t decide if I wanted a silver one or a gold one but I ended up buying a silver one. Now iam excited and can’t wait til I can wear it! Oh my God guys! Sorry for a bad quality picture but my phone is being weird. Bleh! 

Well, i really need to calm down with stuff that is skulls! I don’t have so much or many things but I need to start control myself so I will be able to save money together with Manne for our future. I don’t regret the stuff I bought today but I can admit that it was unnecessary but hey, impulse and spontaneous even though my man said no and I didn’t listen. Bleh I need to stop with that so my job ish this year will that I will learn to handle and control myself when it comes with money and shopping. I’ve actually been pretty lately! I have wanted so many stuff but I didn’t buy it. So I’m a little bit proud of myself ~ now I just need to find that strength and the saving mode so I can save money.. 


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