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Butterflies | planning | Town

So today didn’t really get as planned. We didn’t go to the gym just because of family problems which I think is solved now but me, Manne and Lito is going to the towns ~ Hudiksvall and Sundsvall tomorrow. I have to do an important errands in Hudiksvall and after we are going to Sundsvall. So I’m gonna babysit ~ well me and Manne is. I’m really nervous of going to the town with Gabriel… I have never been to the town with him and I have no idea what kind of moods he will be in. Thankfully I’ve my man with me. 

Ikea | Work | Photographs| Pokemon Hunting with Gabriel | Dinner | Quality time with my two loves ♡ 

Sounds pretty good! I love Ikea and I have to look for some glass jars so we can organize the kitchen. Really need to do that! Too bad we don’t have a car ~ ugh! I need to buy a few more things! Bleh! But I guess I have to do that later.

Sorry for bad updates today 😦 I promise I will blog more tomorrow! Muwah! 


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