Welcome! | About me & the blog!

Welcome to my little corner here on the Internet! My name is Emma Santorini and I currently lives in Sweden together with my fiancé Manne. I’m 26 years old ~ turning 27 in August.

My blog is about BEAUTY | PHOTOGRAPHS | LEARNING SPANISH AND ARABIC | HEALTH | DAILY LIFE | LOVE | FAMILY | DIY ~ and soon being a student to become a translator in the languages Spanish and Arabic. My blog is also about positivity and a new start ~ new chapter in my life.


Follow the blog and join the other ghosts in this amazing and supportive family! ♡

/ New post of presentation just because the post I had don’t wanna edit -.-


22 thoughts on “Welcome! | About me & the blog!

      1. No my husband is not arabic 🙂 His Punjab. Hihi no no I’m not Greek. People seem to think that but really it is just a name I use so my family won’t find my blog/Facebook etc. You know..having some privacy from them ;p

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      2. Oh no problem darling 🙂

        Yeah trust me, I decided to get a “secret life” after telling my family that I was going to an arabic country to visit a friend and hell pretty much broke loose. Also they are super racist so I felt that I need a space where I can write my thoughts etc and not worry about them attacking me.

        They still don’t know about the blog. Haha! 🙂 But they know I’m blogging but not where and the address 🙂


      3. Oh, really? Where in Arabic country are you planning to go? I was based in Saudi Arabia a few years ago, but I can barely speak Arabic for even for a start. Haha.

        Well, at some point you’re lucky though. Sweden is probably one of the most diverse countries in Europe. Never been there, but I’ve read good stuff about your country. One of my favorite authors is a Swede too! 🙂

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      4. Really? Oh wow! I’m now officially jealous! I was planned to go to Algeria but I didn’t go. Oh well I started to learn by myself and I ask arabic people if I’m insecure on something. They are very helpful and will love to help 🙂

        Oh trust me doll, iam not lucky! I actually dislike Sweden :/

        Oh who’s the author? 🙂


      5. Jealous? Wow, living in Saudi Arabia wasn’t quite a dream. *lol*

        I’m sure Algeria is much better in so many ways than Saudi Arabia. I hooked up with an Algerian once so yeah. 😛

        Jonas Jonasson, the man who wrote 100-Year-Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. There is the movie of the books though although I haven’t watched it yet. Only read it. Are you familiar with it? 😀

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      6. Oh there is a follow up on that movie now! I have never seen it but they say it’s funny. Idk.

        Really?? Oh wow. Tell me? Like iam so curious of countries and especially Arabian countries or what I should call it.


      1. Oh wow that’s awesome! My hubby is fluent in Spanish and I really want to learn now (esp since I’m living in Spain) 😩 Ahh that sounds great, learning Arabic is def a plus.. I really need to do the same too, it’s especially great when travelling to the Arabic countries ☺️ xx

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