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New Years

This new years was weird. Normally we are always at my brother’s place for holidays etc just because he doesn’t wanna leave home etc. Well this time, me, M and mom had to go over to my sister C and meet up my other sister M and her boyfriend because we didn’t celebrate with my brother this time. Reason? This is his words: ” I’m so sick and tired of always have all celebrations at my house. I’m tired off always having people over and I don’t want to have anyone over! We can do something tomorrow!” Well… everyone knew that they would have guests over ~ our so called family friend and her family.. but what ever. We had it cozy! 

M was in charge of the fireworks. I was recording when  he light them up and everything but I was so scared that he would hurt him self. Luckily he didn’t!

So yeah that’s pretty much it. We ate, played Bingolotto {Swedish game show}, than my sister M and her boyfriend left before 12 o’clock. So me, C and M was shooting the fireworks while mom and Lito were on the balcony! 

I got my first new years kiss =) Yay! Haha! Checking that off from the bucket list ✔ first new years with M and I loved every second of it! 


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