2016 | Posts without any category

From 1 january…

… I will blog better! I will make sure that 2017 will be my year! Positivity and success! Dreams and goals! Spread love and happiness! 

My blog will be a lot better! More me in the blog ~ my life but also alot of beauty. So my blog will be a beauty blog with a twist ~ my life, thoughts, plans, school etc. Mostly beauty. When me and M is moving away from here, we will get an extra room ~ even if it is small ~ so I can have my own vanity! I’m already planning how it will look like etc. I’m so excited! My own place to do makeup! #IHaveTonsOfGiftCardsICanUseToMakeThisHappen #ThankYouMyBrotherAndHisWife #DreamWillComeTrue ~ yes I used hashtags. Lol! But really, I have so much gift cards from Ikea etc that I can use to be able to build my dream vanity ~ my bubble, my own place ~ my girl cave! Lol! 

CAN 2017 COME FAST!? ~ it will take time to get my vanity though. It’s really hard to find a place in Gothenburg.


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