Beautiful present

Our first Christmas together and M gave me this! OHMYGOD! I almost cried! I’ve never had such a beautiful thing ! Like wow! He knows how much I love make up and he bought this. Like, what!? 

I asked him like five times “are you serious!?” and I haven’t stopped smile since I opened his present! 
I can’t stop think of this present, I absolutely love it! I don’t wanna use it. It’s too beautiful! 
Him: it’s a book and I know you will read it a lot 

~ yes I will. Everyday, all the time. Like I couldn’t stop stare at it. Is it really mine? I remember seeing it at the store and I took a massive sigh and walked away. I really wanted it and you gave me it for Christmas.  Wow! I’m so happy!
 Thank you Habibi ❤❤

This text was posted on Facebook but I changed a few. I will post about Christmas later. 


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