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Confidence boost

Even if I’ve some massive problems with my piercing ~ infection – big time! ~ i have to have a cream both inside and outside of my nose ~ it gives me confidence. I don’t know why but I feel so much better with the piercing, so much better about myself. Despite the pain and problems, I don’t regret it. It hurted like a mother…. I won’t lie about that but I’m happy that I did it.

I had to change to the ring after just a few days because the pin was so small because of the swelling and put the ring in was… oh wow.. it hurts even to think about it. But I like it more with a ring than with the pin so it’s all good. Goodie in the hoodie you know. Yes I copied that from Slim. Haha! I like that expression.

More pretty before my confidence has been up and down. When I took photos of myself ~ selfies ~ I could start cry, that’s how bad my confidence was. Sure it’s not 100% but it has gained to like 75/80% ish. 

The only things I’ll do now is to dye my hair either red or go with ombre ish. Like darker brown on top and go lighter and lighter till the ends. I don’t know. I also gonna change to a more suitable ring but not for an other six months though. I’m gonna keep this one, let it heal and than maybe change. We’ll see about that.


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