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World wide sending love

GHOSTS  MY GHOSTS! my little family, my little ghosts! 

a hundred gazillion famillionnnns {just popped up in my head} times sorry for being deactivated {you have reached miss ghosts voice mail, please leave your name, and message after the beep…. BEEEP}  from the blog. I have actually been pretty deactivated {lol I don’t know why I use that word..} from social medias. But now iam back and I’m ready to show you ghosts photos I’ve taken lately. Well I can’t show them all but you know.. some is OK because my man is not on them all. So be prepared to see some boring photos. lol just joking! Well for me it is Haha!

I have studied Spanish like a maniac, I’ve moved around on things in the apartment so now it looks like a freaking tornado has passed by. Well.. it’s nothing new. Haha! I’ve sent my very first Christmas cards ~ ever! So much fun! I’ve sent to Peru, France, Ohio, Fresno, New York, Sweden, Norway, England and more. So fun! 🙂 

I don’t know why, I just got this spontaneous idea to do it and yeah. Now I only need to find typical swedish things… like what!? Haha! I’m sending Christmas presents as well to Peru and England and I want them to have something typical swedish stuff.. and apparently, moose is popular.. and Vikings.  Pssshhhh! Luckily me and my man is going to the town today so we can look around and check and see. 

I will blog more later. I have to wake ♡ up now and start get ready to go to the doctors ~ and let me be honest ~ I’M DEAD NERVOUS AND SCARED! Yes it’s true. Iam. Haha! But hey, I’m a Santorini and we can do anything 💪


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