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From arrow to a ring

Okey, so I have to be honest about one thing ~ changing piercing after just a few days getting it is something I do not recommend! I had to change it because I have an massive infection and the nose pin I had is too small . Oh and one thing that made me really mad ~ well two things ~ first thing is that she has shot the piercing hole wrong – not straight and second off all the woman said that the locking inside the nose is an olive shaped locking that would stop the piercing from falling off which is bullshit ~ there is no damn locking on it and it did fell out when I was cleaning it! 

Excuse me for the first photograph, it’s taken right after I removed it to send a picture to my sister and show her. It is not snot on it, it is the yellow and gross thingy {I don’t know what it calls on english} from the infection. I didn’t notice that until I edited the picture now and I can’t take a new picture because I left it at my sister so I wouldn’t change it or so. I don’t know, I just left it there.

First we tried with this ring that I have in my nose but it didn’t wanna go all the way in so C {my sister} tried some of her piercings {jewelry} but it was not piercings for nose well one of them was but like five different was for the lip piercing she has and pull me slowly on a broken wheelchair how painful it was. Let me tell you, these jewelry I’m writing about. . . ain’t small. The hole is actually bigger now than what it was before this but yeah, I have this ring in even if it hurts like hell to have it. I think the ring is too tiny but I will sleep with it tonight and tomorrow I will enlarge it ~ open it up a bit more ~ I can’t close it because my nose is so swollen. It’s insane!

2016.11.28 ~ Nose piercing

2016.12.02 ~ changed to the ring



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