2016 | Photos

Black eye and swollen legs


Do not read or scroll down if you are sensitive !


Today me and my man was at the doctor for an appointment I had. But after we were done we walked down a stone staircase and all off the sudden my foot disappeared ~ it felt like it got chopped off and I fell really bad! Ten steps. I hurt my knees and legs so so bad! 

A nurse came and helped me up, I couldn’t move at first and M got so scared so he screamed and pulled in me and said “Emma don’t sleep!” He meant for me to not pass out and I didn’t ~ thank God! The nurse told us to go to the emergency and get help after she saw my legs so we went there ~ slowly and safe.. It hurts so bad when I walk. Anyway, we went to the emergency, I told them what happened and that a nurse told us to go here and just because I didn’t have an ID ~ the person denied me help! Like what!? Are they even allowed to do that? Deny someone who needs help??? 

So we went to the drugstore and bought so much stuff to be able to clean and use bandages but I was really mad and the woman in the register also got really mad when I told her ~ she asked what happened because I was limping and came in and bought this. 

So home we went and I went to the shower, cleaned the wounds and did something funny ~ I cut a pad and used tape and put it on my legs! I couldn’t stop laugh! It looks so funny but hey, it works and helps!

Now iam in bed, blogging this and gonna rest. I hit my head when I fell so I have kind of am black eye on my right eye and my head is killing me. I’ve been dizzy but not nausea. So I’m gonna rest now. Blog more later and sorry for the photo.


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