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Cozy feeling in the town

Me and M went to the town to meet up Habibti. While we were waiting on her we walked around, I played a bit pokemon til M told me to put my phone away, I took photos and we went to the store where we bought our engagement rings ~ this is my fourth ring ~ I had to return the plain one because I had an allergic reaction to it so we got this ring at the bottom. The ring on top is the first ring I got from M. 

While waiting on Habibti, I went and did something. I know my family will flip out but hey ~ it’s a Christmas present. I got my nose pierced .  It hurted like crazy but I don’t regret it. It’s weird to have something in my face and my eyes is automatically drawn to the piercing so I’ll get crazy eyes. But M likes it and I love it. 

It’s blood around the piercing. I automatically pulled my head back when she did it ~ that’s why I was bleeding. I have to admit, it’s pretty but not really my style and I rather get tattoos on my fingers and hands than getting an other piercing! Pssh!


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