2016 | Photos

Christmas spirit has found us!

The Christmas fairy and spirit has found us! Found our place! We have officially start decorated for Christmas.  The tree is done and some other stuff is done as well. I’m happy because it is M’s first time decorating a tree and he almost did it all him self. So happy and he liked it! We went with white and silver but we also added some colors which I regret because it don’t look good but he likes it so this time I let it go but I told him that we only gonna have white, silver and black from now on. Yes you read right, I said black ~ black ornaments !

As you can see, my skulls is not leaving the apartment, even if it is Christmas.  Nope nope! I’ve moved some of them but they are still here and hey, it will be the last Christmas  {InshAllah ~ yup still using those words} in this apartment. 


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