2016 | Food

Hot and Spicy

So last night it was my turn {third day} to make dinner and I was craving chicken. So I decided to make this dish. Really good and you make it on less than 30 minutes.

× × × R e c i p e × × ×

4 chicken breast

2 Red Onions

1 can of corn

1 cucumber

1 yellow and red paprika

4dl rice

How to make it; 

1. Cut the chicken breasts in pieces while heating the frying pan up. Boil water for the rice ~ a pinch of salt in the water. Pour the rice in the pot when it bubbles ~ turn the heat down one or two levels. Don’t forget to stir it from time to times 

2. Put butter in the pan and wait til it bubbles and turn down the heat one or two levels. 

3. Pour the chicken in the pan and spice it with curry, chicken spice and extra hot chili powder. ~ Take as much as you want. 

4. Stir it so it doesn’t burn and put a lid on and stir from time to times.

5. Chop the vegetables and the red onion and put it on a plate

Dont forget to keep an eye on the chicken! Fry it til the water from the chicken is almost gone.

This is what I came up with from my head. Enjoy! 


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