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I’m nervous about Christmas 

​Christmas 2016 won’t be the same. Why? My dad won’t celebrate with us for the first time and neither will my sister A, her husband, dog and my monster.  It feels like we are slowly separating as a family. I really wish that we all could be together, hang out like a real family, laugh and have fun. This year, M will be celebrating with us. Hopefully all off us together. My brother and the wife isn’t really a big fan of M which makes me so so sad. 

A {my sister in Norway} spoke with M yesterday and the look on her face ~ she likes him but hey, my family is kinda…fake so we’ll see. She laughed with him, taught  (?) him some crazy swedish words that I can not post here but you all can think of what kind of words it was.

Trying to get everyone in my family to meet M is so super mega hard. Like I wrote in the post before ~ the kids, C and mama liks him. The question is.. will P, M and C like him? {My brother, my sister and my brother’s wife}. My brother and wife don’t wanna meet him and it frustrates me because he is a super sweet guy that sometimes pisses me off but deep down ~ I would never leave him. So I really hope that they one day will meet him, and maybe like him or at least accept the fact that iam with him, because he is here to stay whether they like it or not

So I’m nervous about Christmas. I’ve a million thoughts about this but no solutions . .


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