2016 | Media

Well, if it is broken

… I have to figure out something else to have their logo on my phone. Yes iam talking about Motörhead. I bought a phonecase with their logo on and I wore it two days and then it broke. Bad quality on it. I was so careful, so afraid to get any scratch on it etc. But instead it decided to break and ugh. So it made me really sad. I’ve been looking online after a new phonecase but man, they are so expensive and the printing aren’t good on them so I decided to do this instead 

Put Motörhead as background on my phone. I like these pictures and yes, in the map you see the game Pokémon. Yup I still play buy not as often as I did before. I play when I’m in the town sometimes or when I’m going on a long ride to the hospital etc. 

#ImNotObsessed #WellMaybeIam #AtleastItDoesntHurtMe #HappyEmma


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