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Tell it to my face!

When someone has a problem with me or something, I want them to tell that to my face so I might can change you know. I had a close friend that I considered as my brother who out off the blue texted me and said he can’t be my friend anymore. Because apparently I’m to intense for him and I’ve apparently pointed fingers and bossed around at his place and made him feel less manly at his home. like what? Ofcourse this made me so sad, so upset so I asked Habibti if I could call her. I did and what she said after hearing the text made me think the same. 

I think it’s a coward, chicken and a dick move from him to write a text message and terminate the contact as a friend or how it calls. I guess he wasnt a man enough to call me. Ah well, it’s his loss. He lost an amazing and very supportive friend.

What ever bruh. You made your choice and I’m out. Moving on and ride away from your bullshit. Yes I’m hurt but he made this choice and I’m not gonna answer him. Bye ! 


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