2016 | Food

Swedish dinners

So, I’ve been sitting for a while now and thought of what is typical swedish house food.. and.. it ended up me looking on Google.  The reason is, I don’t eat variations or what it calls. I only eat chicken! But now I’ve managed to write a small list of some food that I eat and hopefully M as well. 

Excuse my handwriting. It’s not good but at least I can read it. Lol! Maybe some of the food meals aren’t swedish but it doesn’t matter ~ I like it and I want him to try it as well. On the list it says {I’m not writing all off them, just a few} mashed potatoes with meatballs and cream sauce, pancakes/waffles, lasagne (wrong spelling on the picture I know), potatoes with meatballs and cream sauce and jam. So hopefully he is willing to try because after googling some ideas for swedish food. . . wooh makes me wanna make them all and eat! So I will make them. But . . . . . mama needs to teach me how to do a real lasagne and macaroni box.. hm.. can you all say #missionimpossible ? Lol 😂👏


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