2016 | Food

SUNDAY DINNER : Spicy Vegetables 

So today it was M’s turn to do dinner and he made this. Really good! Not too spicy nor not to tasteless. It was perfect and my stomach doesn’t hurt either! So I’m happy! While having dinner, we were watching a funny show from his country. I didn’t understand anything but the clips were funny.

Tomorrow it is my turn to make dinner ~ Swedish food.. The question is, what should I do? Elin gave me a receipt to one typical food and I told M about it but the look off he’s face… It’s a no. So I’ve to think of something else. Also pancakes is off the table. Wonder if I would make waffles. That’s good. He liked my pancakes so maybe he will like my waffles as well. OH WAFFLES AND BUTTER! Omg heaven! 


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