2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

In bed finally

Finally we are in bed. well, M has been sleeping for an hour and I’ve been on the phone with my other half ~ Habibti {Elin} while I decided to do the dishes. ME and M were at a place in Sweden ~ like Ikea but with a lot of other things. We bought so much stuff for our apartment and Christmas presents so I decided to do some dishes of some things we bought ~ new mugs for him, some glasses for him and his whiskey ~ ew and some other stuff. The whole ” party ” as we call it in Sweden ended up at almost 2000SEK ~ 200€ ~ 212.8$ . Which is alright, Christmas presents and more. 

On the top picture you can see M’s bag and my pillow. Behind that, my black bag and the big big bag is the one we bought at the store we bought things for our home. Trust me… it was sooooooo heavy! Pssh. But now it’s all good. I will show you later some stuff we bought. 

When we came to Hudiksvall the snow was falling so much and I was just wearing short leggings. . I regretted that so so much. 

I’ll  blog more later, because right now I need to sleep. I’ve  a doctor’s appointment tomorrow ~ sigh. Goodnight Ghosts and pumpkins ♡


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