2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Heaven for me

This is heaven for me . Get permission to play my type of music which is Motörhead, Alice Cooper, AC/ DC etc. Today when everyone got ready to go to a store { I don’t remember the name } the wife { Sammy } gave me permission to play these songs. Usually they play Punjabi music which I don’t mind. I like it ~ colorful, playful, good music etc. Only problem is that I don’t understand what they are singing. Haha! I even surprised M that I knew some parts of a song I really like. I’ve told him earlier but I think he didn’t believe me until he played the song. I only need to say ” play the happy song ” and he knows exactly what song it is. So i sat with him on the couch and I sang along .  He’s face? Priceless! So happy. haha!

M has to get used to listen to my type of music as well. I don’t mind his music but I wanna listen to my music as well. 

Right now, i kidnapped the remote and I’m playing Motörhead. //// I’M IN HEAVEN! 


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