2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Movie night 

Last night, the husband, the wife, M and me was watching a movie with their language ~ Punjabi. Now I didn’t understand a thing but it was a comedy movie so I was actually laughing to some parts ~ how they were dressed, the bad acting etc. They didn’t understand what I was laughing to but it doesn’t matter. We all had fun and I really enjoyed this moment. 

The wife asked us if we wanted popcorn or chips so I asked them if they have ever tried popcorn with grill spices and they said no. I was like ” You have to try it!” So I said popcorn and the wife brought that and the spice to the room and they loved it. All three off them loved it! I was like ” Told you so ” it said boom and everything was gone. Haha! 

Me and M had a beer. We went to the store and bought 3. I can’t drink stuff with high procent of alcohol because of my diabetes. I didn’t think that M would like it but he did. I told him “Now you will have a taste of my side of Sweden” he laughed and we started to drink. 

So the time is now 6. 50 am (my phone is being crazy and I don’t know why ) so I will wrap this post up. I woke up with M because he has to go to work but I’m back in bed now. thank God.  so tired

Goodnight pumpkins and ghosts 


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