2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

Car sounds and alone time 

When  ever my head is killing me, I always go outside to the playground. I love it here. I can sit in the playground for a long time, just listen to the cars driving outside the fence and just breathe. while blogging this ~ I’m sitting right here. at my spot. well me and M’s spot. we always sit here at night and watch the stars, listen to the cars and just enjoy each other’s company. 

One thing that is scary about this place is that there is running wild rabbits here. I always get scared because they jump out from no where and I’m never prepared for that. When I saw one for the first time, I screamed out loud. I was with M then and he just laughed. I made jokes and said that they are the new killers. The killer bunnies. They would eat my face. Haha ! even though I know they wouldn’t.  So funny.

I will wrap this tiny post up now because I’m going inside again to the wife and the girls. We were watching a movie and I felt that I had to go outside. But now I’m going back. I will blog more later. MUWAH !


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