2016 | × Gothenburg ~ Halloween ×

The family

The family I’m at right now is absolutely wonderful. so sweet, so friendly ~ i miss words. I’m really glad that I met them. Such a wonderful family. The husband and wife ~ so caring, so kind. Always want to make sure that I have it good and is happy. The kids ~ so funny, very full off life, playful and cute. I asked the parents if I had permission to add a photo of the kids here on my blog but they said no but appreciated that I asked ~ so to show respect to them, I will not upload any photos of them. 

I’m really glad that M has this family here in Sweden. They love him and really care about them and he care and loves them. It’s fantastic. The kids love him. Daisey even said to me that me and M aren’t allowed to go home on Wednesday. Haha! so cute! 

I’ve it so good here in Gothenburg. I feel a little relaxed, I’m happy ~ always laugh and have fun here. I really like Gothenburg so this is a city I can move to. 


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