2016 | Food


Hey pumpkins! right now I’m at the hospital in Gävle with my mom. a control only. No treatment this time. What I could understand from the doctors is that the cancer is almost completely gone.  But I’ll not take the happiness out to much but the look and comparison of before the treatments and now, it looks better. Much  better.  

The first picture my breakfast in the cab. fancy right? haha. As always, i bought my sandwich but I’ll have that one on the train. So the girls in the cafeteria has it in their fridge til I go home which hopefully will be soon. Well not until I have charged my phone a bit. Haha! it’s charging now! as always. The second picture is of cakes hat we had to try. Just because it had Halloween theme on it. So disgusting. Such a disappointment . Ah well.

I’ll wrap this post up so my phone can charge a bit. I’ll blog more later. Muwah!