2016 | Miss Santorini {Photos}

The year is 2008

My niece Alicia was at my place last night and she told me that she’s gonna be Harley Quinn on Halloween so I went to the bathroom, gathered my makeup ~ lipstick, eyeshadow you name it and started to give her so she could really dress up like her. I asked her if she wanted to see how I looked like before {iI saw a black eyeliner. That’s why} and she said yes, so I started to put eyeliner on like this and the eyebrows..man.. this is how I used to look like…in public and everywhere! So embarrassing !

When I had this fabulous makeup I was in this “era” off so called scene and emo. Pssh omg. I had big puffy hair, i usedn one hairspray bottle per week, I have no idea how many brushes and stuff I’ve destroyed. I’m too scared of even think of how my hair felt back then. Like, I brushes the hairspray out, put on more the next day cuz then it was perfect to style the hair.. I don’t know how much black eyeshadow and eyeliner I used, and the skills on my eyebrows. Pssh two simple lines. 

I did this makeup and I burst out in laugh! Omg! A started to laugh like hell and I just had to text M and show him on camera  {he was working} and I told him “are you sure that you wanna see how I used to look like?” HE said yes and laughed. And I asked are you sure and than I showed him… the look off he’s face …. PRICELESS! I wish I could have recorded it! Omg. The look and the laugh with that look. Omg. So now he knows how I used to look like.

I was young and stupid, now I’m just old and fcked up. Haha! I’m glad I grew up and ugh. The “pose” I’m doing on the right photo is the pose I usually always did when I took photos of myself or so. Always some weird faces.