2016 | ••HAPPINESS••

Happy Happy Emma

The moment when you realize that you have lost over 40kg this year and 55kg in total on one year. Happy happy Emma 😍  I’ve struggle with my weight my whole life and got the diagnose PCOS last year broke me down. I started to read a bit, call people I knew who about medicines, illness etc. Having PCOS is the reason why people gain so much weight without knowing how and knowing that they haven’t eaten themselves that size. I know I didn’t eat to my size. Losing weight is hard, especially if you have this but somehow I managed to do it. I’m soon down on my goal. I can’t wait. Maybe next year I reach it! Hopefully!! 

I saw on the scale today and I almost started to cry. I’m happy. So happy. And my family is happy as well. But the weird thing is that I can’t see the change ~ some days I can ~ but everyone is asking me if I’m about to disappear. Um no? But they are happy for me as well. I’m talking about the people I’ve grew up with in this village do they all know how big I’ve been. 

But iam happy and I hope my dad is proud of me. I know he was so worried and every time there was a TV documentary about weight and weight-loss etc, he called mom and told her. So yeah. He cared I think. And I really hope that he is proud of me now for managing losing so much.